MF130 Vertical Spindle Moulder

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The MF130 is the answer when you need more flexibility to produce many varieties of unique products in your workshop. Designed for ultimate versatility, you can use the MF130 for straight moulding, curved moulding, routering, tenoning and more!

The spindle can be raised or lowered, and with a tiltable range of 270 degrees, the cutter or router bit can machine the board from below, the sides and from above – at almost any angle. You can mould one board on all four sides, as well as mould the ends of the board, and router holes into the surface – all with the MF130’s single spindle being uniquely configured for each operation.

Boards are passed through the machine with a sliding table, held down with included clamps, or they can be passed over the cutter manually. Additional options are available to expand the possibilities of the MF130 such as a multidirectional table, curved fences for making curved mouldings, and even a power feed.

When you need ultimate flexibility from one machine – the MF130 is the answer!

• 1 multifunction spindle with adjustable angle and position

• For producers of windows, doors and more

• Stable construction, flexible configuration & options for a variety of uses

MF130 Vertical Spindle Moulder

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Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 110 × 35 × 85 cm


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